Tips to stay safe while exploring the world as Solo Female Traveller

More and more females are making solo trips these days. That is because the recent technological advancements have made our world a global village and no destination is too far away. If your heart is also set on going on a solo adventure and experiencing what it is like to step out of your comfort zone, then stop being intimidated by the idea of travelling alone and kick off on a trip today. But before you set out on the adventure, check out these simple tips that will help you stay safe and enjoy your journey to the fullest. Let us begin.

Safety Tips for Solo Women Travellers in India

Do your research

While spontaneity has its own charm, some research can go a long way in keeping you safe on your vacation. So, do not miss out on doing your homework. Learn everything you possibly can about your destination by researching online. Find out about the places you should steer clear of and the most preferred places to stay for travellers. In case you are travelling international, knowing about the local customs and laws can be a big help in making this adventure memorable.

Pre-arrange your stays

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You do not want to be left stranded without a place to stay when you are travelling, right? The prices of hotel bookings might be a bit higher at the time of your search online but think for yourself, what’s better, paying a little extra for a hotel room or having no place to stay? It is also advisable that you arrive at your destination at the break of dawn or broad daylight. Leave no stone unturned to avoid any inconvenience or danger while travelling.

Exuberate confidence

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Looking like a naive tourist who does not know their way around can make you a target. So, even if you do not, look like you do. Be confident in every step you take. You want to blend in with the locals when you are travelling. Thus, you should try to avoid using maps on the street and asking random strangers if they can help you with the directions.

Watch what you wear

No one should be telling you what you ought to wear and what not; it is a personal decision. However, a simple choice you make about your attire can help you avoid unwanted attention. Also, you do not want to dress in a culturally inappropriate manner when travelling internationally. A little research can help you in this regard.

Do not be too trusting

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If you are travelling solo, you have to mingle with other people. However, a nice conversation with someone who does not seem to have wrong intentions does not mean you should be placing all your trust in them. Keep your belongings with yourself at all times and do not let spontaneity take over to leave you in sketchy situations. Do not be persuaded by strangers and head over to unfamiliar or unknown places. If possible, find other fellows and form a solo travel group. Although that’s contrary to the idea of solo travel safety trumps all, right?

Pack only what’s needed

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When travelling, you want to comfortably move about. Travelling from the airport to the hotel with six bags and asking for someone’s help whenever you want to go out is a big no-no when you are travelling alone. Pack only as much as you can carry. Also, you want to avoid any attention-drawing ornaments or jewellery. Remember the golden rule, minimum luggage equals maximum fun.

Keep loved ones aware

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It is a must for every solo traveller to keep their loved ones in the know. Tell your closest friends and family of your plans on what places you will be exploring, how you will be travelling and hotels where you will be staying. Also, if possible, keep them updated on your whereabouts with a simple text or phone call. It will not cause any hindrance to your plans and also assure additional safety for you.

Know the best places

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While some places are ideal for solo adventures, some places should be steered clear of. While researching about the destination, you will know if the place you have zeroed in on is safe to be explored alone or not. Moreover, while planning a solo trip, you can search for the best places to travel solo and then pick one.

With these simple tips, your solo travel adventure becomes safer and more fun. And lastly, in the words of Robin Sharma, “As you move outside of your comfort zone, what was once the unknown and frightening becomes your new normal.”

With the International Women’s Day coming, it is time to book your flight tickets now and spread your wings.