What are the Best Places to Visit with Toddlers?

The ecstasy and pain of childbirth is over, and you want to follow your wanderlust again. Don’t be afraid to resume the travel plan you paused some months ago, due to pregnancy. Most new parents don’t prefer going out on tour with their new-born. But, wait, who told them to do that?

Top Destinations to Visit with Toddlers

You may be a little scared, but that doesn’t mean it’s not possible to travel with toddlers. The age between 12 and 36 months is the essential time for toddlers’ emotional, cognitive and social development. And, travel can significantly help in this growth of babies. Contrary to the common belief, toddlers are the easiest to travel with, for so many reasons. Also, since a long-weekend is coming around this Independence Day, you can find cheap flights at leading travelling platforms. In fact, in the current vacation season, you might even find some of the hottest air ticket deals for your getaway.

Before checking out the best destinations to travel with toddlers, make sure you take care of the following points while choosing a place.


Whether you choose to travel with private taxies or public transport, make sure the transportation service of the holiday destination offers infant car seats. Since driving conditions in some countries are crazy, you need to ensure public transports are safe to use while travelling with babies.


It’s vital to look at the average temperatures of the place you’re planning to visit with your baby. Travelling to Asia during their hot season may be a mistake as your baby could develop heat rash due to constant heat. Going to the coldest places on the earth is also not the best idea while travelling with an infant.

Travelling time:

Try to keep the flight time short for a smooth travelling experience. Opt for an 8-hour flight over a 15-hour long haul flight. While we are listing down the best travel destinations across the world, pick the one that is closer to your home.

Safety comes first:

Before booking the flights, make sure the country doesn’t have any unrest. Also, have a look at the vaccines and other medical necessities you might have to get for your baby.

Baby facilities:

Carrying just about everything in your bag might not be the best idea while travelling. Therefore, you should prefer booking a hotel with baby facilities like baby cots and high chairs to keep things simple and easy.While you can carry most of the things to comfort your toddler, try booking a hotel that has baby facilities like baby cots, high chairs, etc. to keep things as simple as you can.

With these tips, you’ll be able to choose a destination carefully and enjoy the most of your time. Following are some of the shortlisted destinations suited to travel with babies.


Tuscany, famous for its gorgeous landscapes, artistic legacy, and influential culture, welcomes children. Here, you can even find people going out of their way to help parents. Full of beautiful towns, you can easily find some beautiful accommodations in this region of Tuscany. While booking a flight from the right travel partner, you might even get lucky to book flights with the lowest airfares available out there.

best places for toddler

Places to visit in Tuscany:

The Leaning Tower of Pisa
The Boboli Gardens
Capo Sant’Andrea

Tips for travelling with babies:

As most of the attractions in Italy have stairs, bringing the baby carrier will help you move effortlessly.
You might not easily find change tables in public restrooms. So, keep a baby change mat handy while travelling with your little one.
Book your taxi in advance to request for a baby car seat for travelling.


Wondering what could be the best place to travel with a new-born in Asia? Japan is the safest answer, for it is very baby-friendly. You will find many cafes for babies located throughout Tokyo. You can even find family rooms in supermarkets and around the larger cities, for mothers to nurse and change their babies without much struggle. Finding baby supplies won’t be a problem when you’re in Japan. Moreover, cleanliness in the country is another big plus, for your baby is least likely to develop a medical problem here, due to hygiene issues.

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Tips for travelling with babies:

Bring your baby carrier and Find beautiful and clean baby rooms in supermarkets as and when needed
Most of the public restrooms have change tables and baby high chair, which makes them parent-friendly.


Tulum is among the best destinations to travel with your toddler if you are looking for some beautiful beaches and warm weather. This city makes for a relaxing and fun destination if a toddler is accompanying you. The plethora of family-friendly beaches and hotels make for a comfortable stay for those travelling with babies. The accommodations in Tulum also provide cribs and strollers for the little ones.


Montreal is a very stroller-friendly place to visit with your little one. Perfect for the babies and their parents, the place organizes several kid-friendly festivals throughout the year. Besides these festivals, you can explore other city attractions with your kid, such as Jean-Talon Farmer’s Market, Botanical Gardens and Clock Tower Beach.


Parent rooms, change facilities and easy-to-find accommodation make London very much a baby-friendly city. With several famous sites accessible by public transportation, the city is quite easy to navigate with a stroller. Since breastfeeding in public is perfectly normal, you don’t have to look for another place, every time your toddler is hungry.

London - best travel places

Tips for travelling with babies:

Your life with a baby will be easier in London if you have a baby change app on your phone. These apps help you locate the nearest baby changing facilities so that you don’t have to change a nappy on the floor of a café’s washroom.

Book a taxi online for a quick and hassle-free experience. Also, you might even find an option to book a car with a seat for your little one.


Waterfalls, beaches and great people, Bali has it all. Most of the hotels and resorts are equipped with baby cots and other baby facilities. You can even hire a nanny or babysitter at an affordable price to have a little time to yourself. Baby gears and equipment available on rent for a low price is another great thing because you can pack your bags lighter.

Tips for travelling with babies:

Pack baby carrier and avoid bringing the stroller
Always keep a baby change mat handy
Hire a cheap nanny to tag along on your outings
Keep a sun tent and beach essential for baby while going out on a beach

Just because you have a new-born in your life doesn’t mean you have to be stuck at home, till the time your little one grows up to become mobile. An infant is an excellent travel partner for just so many reasons. You can easily strap them in the baby carrier and move them in strollers. Also, since they fall asleep virtually everywhere, you can be with them all the time while enjoying your travel.

So, don’t give us more excuses to not travel with your younger ones, and book cheap flights online and a budget hotel for yourself. You might feel a little anxious on the first trip with your toddler, but you’ll surely make memories to cherish for a lifetime. Once you return from your trip, it won’t be easy for anyone to stop you from roaming around the world, with your little travel partner.