Top New Year Travel Resolutions to make 2020 your Best Year

It’s that time of the year again, the beginning of a new year when you’re supposed to set goals and make resolutions for the year to come. Let’s skip the crash diet based resolutions in 2020 and focus on some travel resolutions to kick start the new decade! Check out the list of most realistic resolutions that the traveller in you should stick to.

Best New Year Travel Resolutions

Step out of your comfort zone

No matter where you go, travel can be uncomfortable even for seasoned travellers. But, sometimes, leaping into the unknown is the most inspiring travel choice!

Do you find yourself travelling to the same cities or perhaps even the same country over and over again? Well, it’s time you need to break the mould because best experiences happen when you are unaware of the upcoming adventures. Going to places unknown will stretch your mind to new horizons; you will learn to be more independent, more grateful; and know ways to adapt to the ever-changing situations.

Go on a solo trip

Travelling with loved ones is fantastic, but so is travelling solo! There is nothing more liberating than travelling by yourself. Contrary to popular belief, solo trips are not only about adventure but a perfect way to rediscover yourself. Too shy to go solo? Join a tour group for singles, where you will meet new companions for the journey. Just step out on your own for once, and you will be surprised how new you feel on returning.

Explore your own country first

People often associate travelling with booking international flight tickets. While you can relish the thrills that foreign places bring, there is surely so much to see closer to home. Have you ever noticed that thousands of visitors flock to your country every year, but not you? It is because we have this strange blindness to what is right in front of us. This year, remind yourself to explore your own country first. As you see more and more of the amazing places around you, not only you will get to know about the places closely, but also:

  • Appreciate your home country more

  • Meet new people; make new friends in the same country

  • Feel refreshed by exploring interesting things about your country

In a nutshell, you will realise that you don’t always have to travel to far-flung lands to experience something new and exciting. Check out the best places to visit in India in January before booking domestic flight tickets to your favourite destination.

Travel in a more environment-friendly way

Thanks to low airfares offered by the leading OTAs, travel has become accessible to a large section of people across the world. But, it also means that many destinations will suffer environmentally and culturally due to over-tourism. This year, make it a priority to be a more environment-friendly and sustainable traveller. Here are some easy ways to contribute:

  • Say no to single-use plastics/carry reusable containers

  • Prevent food wastage

  • Reduce energy use

  • Conserve water

  • Use a local tour guide

  • Use public transport in another country

  • Purchase hand-crafted art and other souvenirs

  • Don’t support attractions that could exploit humans and animals

  • Consider travelling to places that don’t get as much love

It’s not that you have to save the world on every trip, but committing to these small steps will create a significant impact in the long run.

Save money for travel

save money for travel

Those who say you don’t need money to travel must not be believed until someone is sponsoring your trip or you’ve won a lottery. Start putting aside some money each month to make your travel dreams come true. For this, you may have to prioritise travel over material items. As you plan a trip using the saved money, you will know it’s so worth it. However, in case you find it challenging to save money for your travels, check out the best flight offers online and book flights on domestic and international routes at discounted prices.

Travel lighter


Take only bare essentials; it will make your travelling life more manageable. Minimise your toiletries and avoid packing that pair of impractical shoes, and other such unnecessary things. Moreover, packing light will also help bring down your carbon footprint.

Travel slower

Travel Slower

Some of us try to cover every single destination in a city in two day’s trip. But, how rewarding is it going to be really? Consider slowing things down in 2020 to truly take in the culture, scenery and history while travelling.

Make the most of weekend breaks

You don’t necessarily need a full week to explore beautiful places. Plan your weekends beforehand, especially the long ones, to make the most of the time you have in hand. So, pick a nearby destination; book cheap flights in advance, and let your travel wings fly as soon as 5 pm rolls around on Fridays.

Take THAT trip

take that trip

We all have that one destination that we haven’t been able to visit since forever due to numerous justifiable or unjustifiable reasons. 2020 has just begun; so make sure you take THAT trip this year because it has to get off your list. One tip – book Delhi to Mumbai flights ahead by using the latest flight booking coupon to bring down the airfare.

Forget about social media

It is easier said than done, especially for travel bloggers and travel photographers. However, a non-blogger can also sometimes get obsessed with getting the ‘right shot’ and posting about the perfect vacation on social media. We tend to forget to live in the moment and appreciate the beauty of what we have right now. Though you can’t skip taking your phone on holiday for security and many other reasons, you can post your photographs on social media after you’ve returned from the trip. After all, how will you be able to feel rejuvenated if you always feel stressed about sharing your vacation status all the time?

Travel more


Because who doesn’t enjoy a good vacation? Since there are so many different travel styles, there’s a way for everyone to enjoy in their preferred manner. For example, if you are always surrounded by people, at your workplace or home, you might want to go on a solo trip to enjoy some ‘me-time.’ On the other hand, if you’re someone who lives away from home, you would most likely want to spend time with your loved ones on vacation. Similarly, whether you prefer lounging poolside at a Caribbean resort, or trekking to a secluded part of Northern Thailand, you are spoilt for choices.

Travel to celebrate special occasions

special occasions

True travel lovers need excuses to go on a travel spree. Make sure you find new places, near or far, to celebrate special occasions like anniversaries, birthdays, or successes.

So, whether you plan for an exotic vacation or a getaway closer to home, aim at reducing the expense and stress of travel to get more out of your trip this year. Commit to these travel resolutions and turn this year into an unforgettable escapade!