Help Tourism Sector Post COVID-19 Pandemic

Although no industry has been left unscathed by the coronavirus outbreak, the travel sector has perhaps taken the biggest blow. As the news of the outbreak reaching the pandemic status broke, the Indian government did not waste any time in imposing travel bans and restrictions in order to contain the outbreak. Not just international, but domestic travel also came to a standstill as the country went into lockdown for several weeks.

How to Help Tourism Sector Post Lockdown

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Although the travel restrictions helped keep the situation from getting worse, it also left millions of people across India with no source of income. In fact, several prominent economic forums from around the world have estimated that the coronavirus outbreak could leave millions around the world jobless. Moreover, travel is one of the largest industries in India, generating billions of dollars in income for the government, business organisations and people. Needless to say, if the tourism sector takes a hit, the national economy would also be affected in a vast way.

However, it does not have to be the case if we all come together to show our support for the industry. We all can do our part to help resurrect the tourism industry. Here is what you can do:

How to help the tourism sector after the pandemic is under control:

Plan a trip

Perhaps the best way to help the tourism industry is by planning a trip. Travelling entails booking flight tickets, hotel rooms, eating out, buying souvenirs and much more. Thus, your one single holiday impacts tens, if not hundreds of lives. After the pandemic is behind us, plan a trip to a place whose economy extensively depends on tourism.

Eat out

Numerous restaurants across India are suffering due to the lockdown. While they have absolutely no business at the present moment, many people refrained from eating out even before the lockdown was imposed. As a result, a big number of these are at the verge of shutting up shop. Simply by ordering food from outside, you can help people earn a living.

Tip well

If you have been among the fortunate ones who have come out of the pandemic largely unscathed, do your part for the society you live in by tipping your cab driver, food-delivery person or waiter well. A small tip from you can make things significantly easy for someone.

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