How to Survive a Long-Haul Flight

Flights have made our lives really easy. Long journeys to different domestic and international destinations can be easily covered by a flight journey. Though with the invention of flights, journeys have become quite easy, but it can be tiring too. Frequent travellers might not be stranger to long-haul flights. Spending an entire day, off the ground, cruising in high altitudes, can be very boring and exhausting. However, your long-haul flight need not be necessarily like this, if you know the right tips for surviving in such kinds of long flights.

Tips for Surviving Long-haul Flights

Wear comfortable outfits

Wear comfortable outfits

Fitted skin-tight jeans might make you feel that you are in your 20s again, but trust us, these outfits will no longer be comfortable, after sitting straight for 17 hours and trying to get some sleep. When it comes to long flight trips, go for some “comfy-chic” outfits of neutral, loose-fitting clothes in which you can easily move around and be comfortable during the sleep. You should also wear compression socks that will help you reduce swelling and reduces the risk of blood clots. You should also carry a light scarf or shawl to beat the cabin chills.

Book tickets in advance

Do not wait for the last minute to book your domestic and international flight tickets as last-minute tickets can cost you huge on your pocket. Booking the flight tickets in advance not only saves your bucks, but also saves you from the last minute hustle. You also get to choose the seats of your preference with larger leg space, which is not the case in last minute bookings, as most of the seats are already full. If you are a frequent flyer, you can use those miles to avail an upgrade on your seat, or for a cheaper flight booking.

Carry a good travel pillow, ear plugs and sleep mask


Embarking on one of the longest flights with a travel time of 12+hours can be really tiring and require some travel essentials for a comfortable flight. Invest in the right ear plugs that will fit your ears, a silky textured sleep mask (neither too thick nor too thin), and a neck pillow. A good- quality neck pillow not only offers you comfort but also keeps your back and spine aligned during the entire flight, so that you do not wake up with a crick or terrible ache in your neck.

Carry your own headphones


Headphones are a must in-flight essentials when it comes to escaping boredom during the long- haul flights. Carrying your own headphones lets you enjoy movies of your choice by cancelling the outside noise of roaring jet engines, crying toddlers and the continuous murmurings. Don’t just rely on the headphones at the seat-back pocket, as they might not be working or might not be of a very good quality. Buy a noise-cancellation headphones and pack it in your cabin luggage for easy access.

Avoid carrying too much luggage


The checked baggage fees of various airlines is inspiring many travellers to carry more luggage. But, the truth is, carrying more luggage during a long flight could prove to be discomfort to you. Keeping luggage under your seat can reduce the leg space, resulting in a more cramped living space for a straight 12+ hours. So, do not bring any extras and unnecessary things that will want you to compete for your own space. Carry only the essentials that you would require during your long-haul flight. Rest, you can either avoid carrying or pack in the checked-in luggage.

Bring your own snacks


Hunger pangs can strike you any time during your long-haul flights. During your air ticket booking, your airlines clearly mentions what meals they are going to serve during the flight. Apart from these in-flight meals, pack a few more snacks or buy some before boarding to curb your cravings. These snacks will serve you when the lights are out and you cannot find the flight attendants. Your own munchies will help you curb the salt and sweet cravings that you might have.

Act friendly with your seat mate


This pointer might be self-explanatory that you should be nice to your fellow seat mate. You both are in this together. Every time you recline your chair, take a glance to the back and make sure you are not causing trouble to any else around you. Avoid hogging your armrest unless you are in the middle seat. Try not to make any unnecessary movements, especially during the meals. This could disrupt the meal time of the other passenger. If you have acquired the aisles seat, be courteous when your co-passenger wishes to excuse themselves and head for the lavatory. Do not sound rude and stay calm during such situations.

Avoid wearing makeup during the long-haul flights


Unless, you are going for a beauty contest as soon as you land, you need not apply makeup during your long trips on flight. The dry cabin air and decreased blood flow will make you all the more uncomfortable during the flight. Instead, you should only apply a light serum and good quality moisturizer, that suits your skin type, to keep your skin glowing, and hydrated. Also, pour some eye drops before the flight to counteract any irritation that may occur during the journey. You can also try dabbing your lips with a good lip balm to prevent your lips from drying.

Keep yourself hydrated


The humidity level inside the air planes are quite dry as compared to the outside temperature. To avoid dehydration and experience greater jet lag during the trip, you should keep drinking plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated during the entire flight.

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