Markets in India that are every Shopaholic’s Dream

Shopaholic or not, shopping is something that every traveller seeks to partake in while exploring a new destination. Strolling in a market, you don’t only get to pick the perfect souvenir of the sojourn, but also enjoy an insight into the local way of life.

India brims with traditional, bustling markets that are a dream-come-true for travellers as well as shopaholics. Although palatial shopping malls are popping up in almost every corner of the country, these don’t even come close to providing one with an authentic experience of the destination. So, whenever you travel, remember to spend some time at local markets and partake in the local culture.

Here is a list of the best markets in India that will be a true delight for you!

Places For Shopping in India That Every Shopaholic Must Visit!

Johari Bazaar, Jaipur

best markets in India
Johari Bazaar, Jaipur

The busy markets of Jaipur are almost as celebrated as the city’s splendid monuments and the most famous of them all is Johari Bazaar. Believed to be the oldest market in the Pink City, it is marked with shops and stalls selling every item that Jaipur is known for. However, the local speciality is jewellery and other ornaments that are crafted as well as sold by the local vendors. Mirror frames, table tops and betel nut boxes will make ideal souvenirs of your Jaipur trip.

Nearest metro station: Chandpole (2.6 km)

Open: All daysof the week

Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

best markets in India, Colaba Causeway, Mumbai
Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Colaba Causeway is perhaps the most prominent flea market in Mumbai. This bustling street is a haunt for Mumbaikars to pick cheap yet stylish clothes and accessories. Clothes, purse, junk jewellery, shoes, cosmetics; whatever you need, you can find it while wandering in the area. Colaba Causeway also teems with restaurants and pubs where you can take your taste buds on a toothsome journey with delectable food.

Nearest bus stop: Sasoon Dock

Open: All days of the week

Commercial Street, Bangalore

Best markets in india, Commercial Street-Bangalore
Commercial Street, Bangalore

Whether you have booked a cheap airline ticketto Bangalore for business or leisure, Commercial Street is a place you wouldn’t want to miss to explore. The chaos of the area might seem a bit daunting at first but soon the inner shopaholic takes over and you begin to enjoy every second of your time. Just remember to haggle to get the best price for the stuff that you wish to purchase.

Nearest bus stop: Commercial Street (60 metres)

Open: All days of the week

Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

best markets in India, Sarojini Nagar-Delhi
Sarojini Nagar, Delhi

Whether you are hunting for hip clothes and accessories or designer bags that look like a million bucks, Sarojini Nagar of Delhi is a great bet. But you don’t need to splurge at Sarojini Nagar. All the stuff you find at S.N. is quite cheap and depending on your bargaining skills, you can crack a great deal. Shop till your feet hurt and then head over to a stall to tickle your taste buds with some lip-smacking food.

Nearest metro station: Sarojini Nagar (500 metres)

Open: Sunday to Saturday

Jew Town, Kochi

best markets in India, Jew Town-Kochi
Jew Town, Kochi

Jew Town is a narrow stretch located amidst the famed Mattancherry Palace and Jewish Synagogue in Kochi. It’s a paradise for antique lovers as shops sell decades-old artefacts and other stuff that once belonged to Jews living the area. After they moved back to Israel, their belongings were restored and are now sold by local dealers. Moreover, you can also find European, Chinese and Arab artefacts during your hunt.

Nearest bus stop: Chakkamadam (300 metres)

Open: All days of the week

Anjuna Flea Market, Goa

Bestowed with some of the best beaches in the country, Goa is the ultimate destination for some sun, sand and sea fun! After you have had your fill of the best beaches in Goa, head to one of the local flea markets to collect some cool accessories. If you are short of time, then the only place you need to visit is the celebrated Anjuna Flea Market. What started out as a hangout spot for hippies to sell their merchandise is one of the most famous markets in India today. You can find everything from bags and T-shirts to a gamut of accessories, and the melodies playing in the background will make the visit even more memorable.

Nearest bus stop: Anjuna Beach (1.6 km)

Open: Wednesday

New Market, Kolkata

Don’t be fooled by the name; New Market has been quenching the thirst of shoppers in Kolkata for more than a century. Established in the latter half of the 19th century, it was renamed as Sir Stuart Hogg Market in 1903. Today, the market is home to about 2000 stalls that sell all sorts of merchandise. A walk here will also take you back to the colonial days with the architecture of the buildings surrounding the area.

Nearest metro station: Esplanade (400 metres)

Open: Monday to Saturday

Fashion Street, Pune

Ask the people of Pune about their favourite spot to buy cheap, trendy merchandise, and most of them would say “Fashion Street.” That’s how renowned this market is! You will find brand imitations at quite reasonable prices. The stuff will tempt you to shed an extra hundred bucks. But do not get carried away, and make the most of your bargaining skills to try to get the best deal possible.

Nearest bus stop: MG Road Pune Camp

Open: All days

Janpath Market, Delhi

Best markets in India, Janpath Market-Delhi
Janpath Market, Delhi

Janpath Market is another coveted shopping venue in Delhi that remains swamped with people the year around. Apart from dirt-cheap junk jewellery, you can buy everything from clothes to footwear from the array of shops marking the side of the road. It’s a great spot for budget shoppers. Connaught Place, one of the best shopping experiences that the city has to offer, is only a stone’s throw away.

Nearest metro station: Rajiv Chowk (400 metres)

Open: Monday to Saturday

Bapu Bazar, Jaipur

Take your shopping experience a notch higher by visiting Bapu Bazar. It is the perfect place in the city to shop for brass products, gems, handlooms and more. You will also find many shops and stalls selling Mojari shoes. Once you visit, you will know why it is counted among the best markets in India.

Nearest metro station: Badi Chaupar (750 metres) Open: All days of the week

Police Bazar, Shillong

Shillong is among the underrated holiday destinations in India. If you haven’t been fortunate enough to explore the beauty of Northeast India, then you can plan a trip to this capital of Meghalaya state. You will not be disappointed. Moreover, enhance the fun quotient by adding a visit to Police Bazar to your itinerary. From intricate handicrafts made by tribal people to gorging on delectable local food, you can do it all in Police Bazar.

These are some of the best markets in India where you can have a truly exceptional shopping experience. Whenever you book online domestic flights to the cities mentioned above, remember to spend a few hours strolling in these bustling markets. You can also scout the best hotels booking deals on HappyEasyGo to save big on your accommodation.