8 Images that show Kashmir is truly a Heaven on Earth

A gem in the crown of India, Kashmir is famed all over the world for its unimaginable beauty. The crisp Himalayan air, snow-clad mountains, gorgeous valleys, meandering streams, beguiling culture and undisturbed serenity cast a spell on your heart that just won’t break. It is undeniably one of the most unique and alluring places one can find in the world. And, today we bring you some images that testify to Kashmir’s tag of “Heaven on Earth.” Keep scrolling and feast your eyes on the beauty of this region.

Images for Kashmir is truly a Heaven on Earth

Let’s begin with the stunning water bodies that take the beauty of Kashmir a notch higher.


Here’s some more of it.

Best Places in Kashmir

And some more.

Best Destination in Kashmir

These waterbodies bestow Kashmir with breathtaking greenery.

Places in Kashmir

The snow-clad mountains will evoke an “awe.”

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The colourful festivals of Kashmir are an insight into the fascinating culture of the locals.

Best Places in Kashmir

So, do not miss out on witnessing these fiestas when you book flight tickets to Kashmir.

Top Places in Kashmir

Talking about things not to miss on a Kashmir trip; a shikhara ride on Dal Lake in Srinagar could be the highlight of your sojourn.

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