How to spot a Delhiite while travelling

Dilliwalo ki baat hi kuch alag hai. From their chaal to baal, they stand out from the crowd with everything they do. If you still have trouble spotting a Delhiite when you are out there exploring the world, then this is the right page for you. Here’s how you can tell if someone you met while catching your flight at the airport, exploring insightful monuments and shopping streets or tickling tastebuds at famous restaurants is from Delhi or not.

Have you ever recognized any Delhiite?

Their every sentence ends with BC.

It’s not that Delhiites intend to end every other sentence with BC, but they can’t help it.

Bargaining to inke khoon me hai


Delhiites are brought up in the famous markets of Delhi like Sarojini, Janpath and Kamla Nagar. That’s why there are no better bargainers than these people. They can easily bring down anything from 1000 bucks straight to 300 bucks. So, if you see someone haggling at a showroom, just know you have found a Dilliwala.

Aur Jugaad bhi

Indian jugaad

Jab ghee seedhi ungli se na nikle, to ungli tedi karni padti hai. But Delhizens don’t stop there! They know how to get things done, and you will be surprised with how they do it. From getting cheap flights booked for their trip to grabbing the best deals on every stuff, Delhiites are just too good.

They are true-blue foodies


You will never meet a Delhiite who isn’t a foodie. So, if someone you are travelling with is hogging on one fast food item after the other and picks Chholle Batthure over pizza, then you know that they are from Delhi.

They have a big heart

True to their name, and Delhiites are very big dil walas. If you have ever met one, you would probably know.

Zara is their go-to brand

Sarojini ke kapde pehen kar jaate hai ye disco…but not every time. Ask delhizens what’s they favourite fashion brand, and most would say Zara.

Inke chacha vidhayak hote hai

Delhi Travel

Not always chacha but could be mama, taaya or jija who holds an influential position. And every Delhiite has one.

They have their own dialect

When you meet someone from Delhi, you will hear words you have never heard before. Chull, pataka, bhasad, chep, totta, patola, bhand, oye, vella…you will hear words that you would have never heard before. And let us not get into the dialect of the South Delhi people, ’cause that’s a whole different chapter. And just so you know, if they ask you “kya scene hai aaj ka,” know that they are asking about your plans for the day.

They are proud to be Dilliwalas


Dilli se hu BC! From traffic and corruption to weather and pollution, there is a never-ending list of things that one could say are wrong with Delhi. However, that does not stop one from being proud to hail from the national capital.

So, if you have booked a flight ticket and the person sitting next to you has these traits, just know where he’s from.