Top 11 Things to do in Goa

Goa – the party capital of India – is not just about sipping cocktails on a beach. It is an ultimate travel destination with exotic seafood, sunny beaches, fun nightlife, exciting parties, budget-friendly flea markets, ancient forts and old churches. If you are among the adventure freaks, you can indulge in a wide range of land and water activities in Goa. With several things to do in Goa, your vacation to this beautiful place can become overwhelming. So, book cheap hotels in Goa and start indulging in multiple experiences in Goa-

Best Things to do in Goa

1. Indulge in Water Sports at Baga Beach

Water Sports at Baga Beach

Baga Beach, located at the coastline of the Arabian Sea, is among the most enticing destination to indulge in exciting water sports. Enjoying water sports at this beach is one of the best things to do in Goa with friends. The beach offers Parasailing, Bumper rides, Jet Ski, Boat rides, Banana rides, and other fun activities. You will get no time for boredom performing these adventure activities under professional supervision. These water sports are extremely thrilling and safe at the same time. You can opt for these water activities as a single activity or as a package.

2. Try Scuba Diving on Grand Island

Scuba Diving

Grand Island in Goa is among the most exotic destinations for practising scuba diving. Scuba diving at Grand Island is a must-try thing in Goa. The sight of the jaw-dropping marine life of Grand Island is a treat to the eyes. Unleash the adventure and experience the life of a mermaid by booking air tickets to Goa and indulging in Scuba Diving. Make acquaintances with marine life such as turtles, reefs, exotic plants and fishes while Scuba Diving in the ocean. Ensure that you take training from a PADI instructor who will brief you about Scuba diving so that you can enjoy it worry-free.

3. Enjoy River Cruise at Mandovi River

Mandovi River

If you want to fill your heart with thrill and excitement, try cruising on the Mandovi River. The lush green tropical trees flanking the river offer a serene environment leaving the travellers awe-struck. Capture the astounding view of the surrounding water or lend an ear to the quiet chirps of birds during the cruise. If you are travelling to Goa with your other half, then enjoying the sunset amidst water is the best thing to do in Goa.

Mandovi River cruise is all you need to relax and ease off stress. Explore the untamed beauty of this place with a wine glass, serene music and exotic delicacies while sailing through the mangroves.

4. Have fun at Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls

Dudhsagar Falls is an irresistible place to visit in Goa for couples, a four-tiered waterfall in the Mandovi River. Approximately 60 km from Panaji, the falls are among the tallest waterfall in India. The waterfall has a height of 310 m and an approx. Width of 30 m.
The view of the thick deciduous forests surrounding Dudhsagar Falls is stunning. Visit the Dudhsagar waterfall during the monsoon when the waterfall gushes with abundant water. You can reach the Dudhsagar Falls from Kulem (trekking) or via the railway track.
Book your flights to Goa and enjoy trekking across the trail of this beautiful waterfall.

5. Try your luck at a casino

Getting lucky at a Casino

The casinos of Goa are a place where you can seek and woo lady luck. Goa casinos are famous worldwide and are among the popular places to visit in Goa. These are floating casinos with multiple games, entertainment, and fun options. Few of these casinos are-

• Deltin Royale
• Casino Pride
• Deltin Jaqk
• Casino Palms

6. Go clubbing at Tito’s Street

Clubbing at Tito’s Street

Rightly said, the party capital of India, Goa, is known for its many clubs. Tito’s Street is among the best clubs you can visit in Goa. The club is named after the street it is situated on- Tito’s Street. The place attracts a huge crowd of locals and tourists because it is primarily located and offers top-notch services. A huge number of party animals find their way to this party hub after sundown.

The club is divided into two levels. The lower level is a dancing area to groove on some rock music, with a separate dance floor for the couples, whereas the upper level allows you to sit back and relax while gorging on delicious cuisines and exotic drinks. Book a flight to Goa to enjoy an evening at Tito’s Street.

7. Paraglide at Anjuna

Paraglide at Anjuna

Anjuna, a coastal village in Goa, is well-known for its paragliding adventure. The bird’s eye view of the jaw-dropping landscapes will give an adrenaline rush to those trying paragliding. In paragliding, a motorized fly is controlled by a professional assistant to offer you a fearless experience. Take a view of a 360° panorama of the enchanting scenic beauty of Goa from about 1000 ft. Focus on the thrilling adventure of paragliding with utmost safety and guidance. Grab your hotel bookings in Goa to try paragliding at Anjuna Beach.

8. Indulge in a hot air balloon ride

hot air balloon

Assolda village is a unique place in Goa to try a hot air balloon ride. Experience the flight of approx. 900 ft. above the ground and cherish a memory for a lifetime. The sea cliffs and the serene atmosphere of the place offer an incredible and mesmerizing experience to travellers. You can board the hot air balloon at a football ground that is wide enough to assist the elevated flight. A professional guide and an instructive session are held to promise you safety and an outstanding experience during the ride.

9. Bungee Jump at Mayem Lake

Bungee Jump

A hub of recreational activities, Mayem Lake, is situated in the Bicholim district of Goa. Entertain yourself with Bungee Jumping for an unforgettable bold experience. Bungee Jumping is a challenging activity that attracts adventure freaks to Goa throughout the year. The thrill you experience during the free-falling and rebound is a lifetime memory. Bungee Jumping should top your bucket list if you are a thrill-seeker. Falling from an extreme height will give a chill down your spine.

10. Relax in a houseboat


Spending a day in the houseboat is one of the most beautiful things to do in Goa with your loved one. Chapora River is the abode of houseboats where one can experience the houseboat cruise for 5 hours. Indulge in mesmerizing sightseeing of Chapora River, bird watching and enchanting sunset views. The gorgeous views from the houseboat will leave you awe-struck as you cruise over the calm waters.
In the houseboat, you can gorge on Malvani food to satiate your hunger and exhilarate your taste buds. People of all age groups can enjoy the houseboat cruise.

11. Visit a Spice Plantation

Spice Plantation

Explore the world of spices by visiting the spice plantations in Goa. Several spice villages and farms in Goa offer you an insight into the spice business of Goa. You and your loved ones can stroll through the aromatic plantations and learn about different spices and how they are grown.
To name a few, you can visit The Savoi Plantations (25 km from Panaji), which is among the oldest spice plantation in Goa. Coconut, pineapples, betel nuts and other varieties of fruits are grown here. You can also explore other spice plantations, such as Pascoal Spice Village, the Rustic Plantation, Parvati Mandav Park Plantation and Sahakar Spice Farm.
These plantation estates provide you with a great opportunity to explore the aroma of the seasonings, and they also let you take back some fresh stock with you.