How to Book Flights at the Lowest Rates

Finding the cheapest flights online is not a walk in the park. The many OTAs available in the market can leave you spoilt for choice, and so can the numerous tips and tricks that you find online on this topic. But fret not. Today, we are going to tell you about some simple hacks that can help you save big money on your flight tickets.

Book Flights at the Lowest Rates

Early Bird gets the Worm

Last-minute flight booking can cost you three to four times more than the regular airfare. If possible, book your flights months in advance as that is when the airfares are at their lowest. Thus, businesspersons, who typically book at the 11th hour, are essentially subsidizing the fares for people who are the first to book. The formula stands true for not just Economy class, but also Business Class.  

Be Flexible with Date and Time

Flight Booking Schedule

Certain days are great for booking flights, and if your schedule permits you to be flexible, then fly on these. Although it is a popular belief that Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the cheapest days to fly, such is not the case every time. Check the fare for a month for your route and you will find what the best days are for your journey. And, if possible, book for the day with the lowest airfare and save a few bucks on your booking.

Fly with Budget Airlines

Book Budget Airlines

Budget airlines are your perfect friend if you want to save money on your air travel. They exist for one purpose and one purpose only, and that is to offer cheaper air travel options to tourists and businesspersons. Their focus is not on offering a sublime travelling experience to flyers, but rather getting them to their destinations within their budget. A few to name Indian low-cost airlines or LCCs are SpiceJet, IndiGo and GoAir. You can compare the fares and you will find that these provide the cheapest flight tickets in India.

Take a Break

Air Ticket Deals

Undeniably, non-stop flights are the most convenient options. However, in many cases, these can be much more expensive than connecting services. You could easily be paying twice or thrice the fare for a non-stop flight in some cases. Thus, if you do not mind spending a few hours at an intermediate airport and want to save thousands of rupees in the process, then a connecting flight is perfect for you.

Become a Member

Register on HappyEasyGo App

Almost all airlines have frequent flyer programmes. These are designed to encourage loyalty among flyers, so they keep booking flight tickets with the airline to earn rewards later. How these work is a person, who has subscribed to a frequent flyer programme of an airline, earns points on every flight with the carrier. The accumulated points can later be redeemed for benefits such as priority check in, additional baggage allowance, lounge access, priority seat selection and more.

You can even get a class upgrade with your frequent flyer membership. Sign up with HappyEasyGo to enjoy similar benefits. Win registration reward at the time of sign up and also become eligible for exclusive member discounts.

Check alternative airports

Flight tickets for some routes can cost a lot. However, if possible, you can find an alternative airport to your destination. This substitute airport could be a short drive away. You can book a taxi/cab or take any other public transport to cover this distance.

Watch out for Sales

Exclusive Flight booking offers

Online sales can help you save not just hundreds, but thousands of bucks on your online flight booking. Instead of finalising the booking in an instant, scout current as well as future offers that could help you save money. HappyEasyGo is consistently rolling out deals and offers that help travellers fly without digging a hole in their pocket. However, you do not want to wait for a sale too long since airfares tend to rise as the date of the flight draws close.

Sign up for the newsletters

Sign up for the newsletter for various airlines as well as online travel agencies to know more about the last-minute deals. These newsletters will give you the absolute best deals, and you will not miss the opportunity of grabbing cheap flights for your trip. You can also get the benefit of free upgrades and other perks by signing up for these newsletters.

Try the Stealth Mode

Flight Offers

Does the price for the flight you wish to book rise every time you search? Well, that is because you are not searching in the incognito mode. You can also try clearing your cookies before the search. This simple trick can make a huge difference for you in the airfare.

Now, these are some tricks that can help you find cheaper airfares. In case you are still wondering which travel site offers the cheapest flight fares in India, the answer is HappyEasyGo. You will not find a better flight booking deal than you find on HappyEasyGo.