7 Best Tips for Booking Cheap Flight Tickets Online

Airfares are often the largest expense while going for a business or leisure trip. If you are purchasing expensive air tickets, then you are bound to choose a travel destination that is more affordable and where you have to spend less on your leisure. Well, to handle your worries of expensive flight tickets, we bring you some air ticket booking tips for booking cheap flights.

Air Ticket Booking Tips

Booking early


It is a known trend that the flight ticket prices jump during the final three weeks of departure. Booking your tickets as soon as you decide on your travel dates is the best option to save on your tickets. Booking somewhere between 3 months to 30 days prior can help you save big on your tickets. Advance flight ticket booking also helps you to reserve the seat of your choice because if you wait too long, you may have to pay double price for a premium seat, which can be avoided with an advance booking.

Flexibility with travel dates and time


The prices of your flight tickets majorly depend on the date and time of your travel such as upcoming holidays, weekends etc. In a nutshell, if you are travelling during a vacations period, when everybody is travelling, you will see a surge in the price of air tickets. The solution to this problem is to plan your travel to a destination during the off-season. Moreover, you should be flexible with your dates to avoid travelling on expensive tickets. The more rigid you will be in your travel dates, the more money you will lose on your flight tickets.

Travelling with connecting flights


If you are not in a hurry to reach your destination, one of the air travel tips is to book a connecting flight to your final destination. A connecting flight is often cheaper than a non-stop flight and saves you big cash. Filter your flight search by non-stop, 1 stop, and 2+ stops to get searches for connecting flights. You can also book flights with different segments of the same airlines. Just ensure to leave a 3 hour buffer for your next flight in case there is a delay in your first flight. This will need a little extra effort and time, but it is all worth the effort and time if you are getting cheaper flight tickets compared to direct flights.

Using a travel portal


Booking directly from the airlines may not provide you the cheapest and best flights for your travel. Compare the prices on other third-party booking websites too to get the cheapest fares. The excellent research tools of these websites assist you in getting cheaper air tickets as compared to the tickets booked directly from the airlines. Moreover, trending offers on these websites such as the Holi flight offers on HappyEasyGo, offer you extra discounts on your flight tickets.

Using your credit card’s travel credit


While booking your air tickets using your credit card, you earn bonus points for each reservation which can be redeemed during your next booking. You will be able to use these air credit points to pay for the baggage fees and any in-flight purchases. The complimentary airport lounge access on some of the credit cards lets you to relax during a layover. Credit cards even offer additional cashback on your flight bookings to help you save more.

Comparing Flights on Multiple Search Engines

flight search


Always prefer using a flight searching website to get the lowest airfares on your flight tickets. The flight ticket prices may vary from search engine to search engine as it depends on their cut from the airline. Sometimes, the search engines do not list all the carriers. Hence, it is essential that you compare the prices on leading search engines to save more bucks.

Booking in incognito

Flight Ticket Booking

The search engines and other flight booking websites store the previous search history from your browser used during the time of search and then increase the airfare of a searched route. If you search for a route and time repetitively, the booking websites will manipulate you into thinking that the flight ticket price will rise further. As a result, you will be prompted to book the ticket. You can avoid this by switching to the incognito mode for booking your flight tickets.

Overall, the tips listed above can help you save big and travel budget-friendly. But the best and most money-saving tip is to book early and having flexibility in the travel plans. With the last-minute deals, your options are limited and you might not be able to save big. Travel websites like HappyEasyGo offer great discounts on every travel and have trending offers too that provide you with cheap flights, such as the Holi offers of HappyEasyGo are worth taking during the festive season. The HappyEasyGo holi offers on OlaMoney, AmazonPay, ZestMoney, and Bank of Baroda give heavy discounts and cashback on every flight you book. Book your tickets till 31st March, 2021 to avail the offer and get the most reasonable tickets for you and your family. Visit the HappyEasyGo website or download the app.