Common Mistakes that Travellers Make

It is quite easy to make mistakes while travelling and exploring a new place. However, sometimes, these mistakes can turn the trip into a bad experience, a waste of time and money. To make sure that you never regret going on a trip, we have brought for you the list of the most common travel mistakes. Read on to avoid these the next time you hit the road.

Common Travelling Mistakes



This one is basic yet crucial to mention. Travellers often pack a lot and end up having to carry too much. No matter where you are headed, you must always try to pack light.

Complicated/Packed Itinerary


Trying to indulge in too many experiences in too little time is another travel mistake you should try to avoid. This will not let you enjoy any of the experiences to the fullest. Rather, you should create a flexible itinerary with enough room for random experiences and activities that you might come across along the way.

Not reading travel guides

travel guide

Whenever heading to a new destination, you should always go through a travel guide to learn about the best experiences it has to offer. Otherwise, you might end up missing on something exciting. Another great option to gather insights into the city is talking to locals and asking them about what they love to do in their city.

Not living in the moment

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Many travellers make the mistake of not enjoying little moments while travelling. The first thought that crosses their mind when they arrive at their spot is clicking selfies for their Instagram and Facebook. Although taking selfies and pictures are important, the primary focus should be on soaking in the experience to the fullest.

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Not getting travel insurance

Travel Insurance

A smart traveller always buys travel insurance. It safeguards you against a plethora of things, including flight delay and flight cancellation. Moreover, it also protects you against financial loss due to lost baggage. Thus, whenever you book an international or domestic flight ticket, always pay a little extra and buy travel insurance.

Travelling during peak season

travelling in peak season

Although peak season is the peak season for a reason, people often complain that their destination was too crowded and everything was too expensive for them to make the most of their trip. Thus, travelling during the off-season can help in saving money on flight tickets and online hotel booking.

Not learning the local language

Whenever planning an international trip, it is helpful to learn at least a few phrases in the local language. Sorry, Thank you, where is, where is the washroom, etc. are some common phrases a traveller should know.

Failing to check weather forecasts

Wheather Forcasts

Isn’t it just terrible that you are at your destination and it’s raining heavily without a stop? This could very easily ruin your entire trip by not allowing you to explore all the places on your itinerary. A simple Google search about the weather forecast can help you avoid this travel mistake.

Dining near the major tourist attractions

Cafes and restaurants which are close to popular tourist attractions are likely to be more expensive. You will indeed find a better and affordable dining option if you head to where the locals dine. Do some pre-holiday research into your destination, or ask your accommodation provider for budget-friendly dining options. This local insight is valuable and offers you a better and affordable taste for culture than the expensive dining outlets near the tourist attractions.

Carrying Valuables during the Trip

You are more likely to attract the attention of pickpockets if you carry expensive jewellery, cameras or other pricey stuff. It is always easy to lose these expensive things during travel. Therefore, it is always best to leave these irreplaceable and expensive items at home. Still, if you need to carry these valuables, ensure that you do it mindfully. Bring a jacket with a zip pocket or wear a bum bag to carry your valuables. A fatter wallet will attract the notice of thieves. Keep these items in a safe place.

Arriving at the airport at the eleventh hour

Too many travellers miss their flights daily because they underestimate the time that is required for a security check. Nothing spikes your blood pressure than watching your flight depart while you stand helplessly in the queue. Always remember to arrive at the airport two hours prior to the departure time. If you are travelling during the peak season (such as holidays or festivals), arrive three hours prior as there may be longer lines than usual.

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