7 Tips to Help You Travel with Your Pet

Are you a pet parent who is always worried about their baby when vacationing? Or someone who always misses their furry friend when out exploring the world? Well, the next time your wanderlust takes you places, you do not necessarily have to leave your canine or feline friend behind. Your furry pal can join you on adventures as you hit the road to soak in the beauty of this world. Here are some tips that will help you travel with your pet. These include every step of the journey, from packing for the trip to after you have arrived at your destination. Check these out below.

Best Tips for Traveling With Your Pets

Choose a pet-friendly airline

Pet Friendly Airline

Air India and SpiceJet are two airlines that allow travellers to carry pets. However, these two air passenger carriers also differ in their terms and conditions. While the Indian national carrier permits people to fly with their pet in the cabin on domestic flights, with the low-cost carrier (LCC), you can only take your cat or dog as freight. So, do not forget to check out the conditions of the airlines for flying with your pet before you make a flight booking.

Pack well for your pet

Pack well for your pet

Just like you, your pet can feel a little homesick too. But while you may be able to handle emotions, your pet can get overwhelmed. Thus, it is better if you pack toys, blankets and other stuff that might help them feel at home. In case you are flying with your pet in the cabin, then try carrying a collapsible water bowl to keep them hydrated during the flight. Also, you do not want to miss packing an appropriate vest for hot or cold weather. No matter how well-behaved your friend is, a leash is something you might regret not carrying.

Learn about the pet-import policy of your destination


When flying internationally with your pet, you need to learn about the pet policy of your destination as some countries are quite specific about these. Make sure your pet meets all the requirements set by the local governing authorities, as failure to do so can result in a great many hassles. Some countries may even require you to follow a vaccination schedule six months in advance. Thus, being updated on the pet-import policy becomes all the more crucial.

Schedule a check-up with a veterinarian before journey

Schedule a check up with a veterinarian before journey

It is highly advisable that you take your pet for a check-up before going on a trip. This makes sure that your friend is fit to travel and also gives you a chance to make sure all the vaccinations and immunisations are in place. Schedule check-ups in advance and also right before you are to commence your journey and remember to carry all the essential documents with you. A veterinarian might also prescribe a pet sedative to be administered before flying with your pet.

Book a pet-friendly hotel


Seeing that more and more people are now travelling with their pets, pet-friendly hotels have been popping up on the world map for quite some time, and India is no exception. No matter where you are headed, you can find a good pet-friendly hotel or resort that will make sure you and your four-legged co-traveller enjoy a convenient stay. From budget to luxury, you can easily find a pet-friendly hotel that suits you.

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Get your pet used to driving around


If you are planning a road trip or going to be driving around a lot while holidaying, it is better to make sure that your pet does not mind it. You can start by driving your dog or cat around to nearby places and observe the response. While some pets love travelling, others dread it. Find out which category your pet falls in and act thereon.

Plan for Emergencies

If you carry a first-aid box for yourself when you travel, why not one for your pet dog or cat? Ask the veterinarian about essential medicines that you can administer to your pawed friend in case of emergencies. You never know what might come your way while travelling with your pet, so it is better to be prepared for every situation.

Follow these tips and have a wonderful ‘pawcation’ with your furry friend. Just pick a destination and have one of the most memorable trips of your life. Plan one today with HappyEasyGo!