10 things to do on your first Andaman Tour

Owing to its sparkling waters, lush greenery, velvety sands, blue skies and serene environs, Andaman is among the best and most sought-after holiday destinations in India. Natural bounties are not the only thing that tempts people to book cheap flights to Port Blair and fly over. The archipelago offers several diverse experiences that make an Andaman tour worth every penny. Take a look at the most fun things to do in Andaman.

Things to Do in Andaman



If you haven’t tried snorkelling yet, then your Andaman trip is a great chance to partake in the activity. It is one of the must-have experiences in this exotic place. This is also a great way to come across the rich and vibrant sea life found near the islands. North Bay Island and Elephant Beach are two of the best snorkelling spots in the region.

Light and Sound Show at Cellular Jail

Light and sound show

Cellular Jail is amongst the most famed points of interest in Andaman. It is were political prisoners were exiled in British India. Today it stands as a reminder of the atrocities endured by freedom fighters by the hands of the British. A light and sound show takes place here in the evening at it is a must-see for people on their first trip to Andaman. Cellular Jail is located in Port Blair, in the vicinity of several points of interest and hotels in Andaman.

Scuba Diving


Andaman and Goa are perhaps the two perfect places in India to enjoy water sports, and scuba diving is the second such activity on our list. If you do not know swimming yet want to explore the marine beauty of the waters of the archipelago, then this sport is perfect for you. A number of operators here offer scuba diving opportunities for novice and experienced divers.

Madhuban Trek


If you are an adventurer who happens to have enough of the water sports, then trekking is an option worth considering. Madhuban Trek, which covers Mt Harriet, the third highest peak in the archipelago and also takes you through rugged, dense forest, is one of the best trails you can enjoy.

Dolphin Watching


There is no dearth of amazing experiences for wildlife enthusiasts and one such is dolphin watching. Several boat operators offer dolphin watching tours and bring you close to these friendly and smart creatures. You might have come across many animals at the zoo but witnessing them play and frolic in their natural habitat is an experience in itself.

Sea Walking


Here is one activity that is new in India but gaining popularity with each passing day. It is an experience unlike any other water-based sport. Simply put on a helmet and take a stroll in the ocean. This is also a great way to come face to face with the magnificent aquatic life of the Indian Ocean. The activity is often included in Andaman holiday packages.

Kayaking amidst Mangroves

Kayaking amidst Mangroves

Kayaking at Mayabunder is an enthralling experience that takes you to the lush mangrove creek of the region. You might be surprised to learn this but the area is home to about 20 per cent or one-fifth of India’s total mangroves. Kayaking is the perfect way to explore this feature of the archipelago. A regular tour of the area is about two to three hours long.

Volcano Tour


Not many, if any, places in India offer you a volcano tour. And thus, if you have the opportunity to embark on one, you should never miss it. Make your way to the Baratang Island’s Jarawa Creek and walk for 250 to 300 metres to arrive mud volcano. It is counted among the top offbeat things to do in Andaman.

Chidiya Tapu Visit

Chidiya Tapu Visit

Chidiya Tapu is among the most lesser-known, and hence, underrated tourist attractions in Andaman. Also known as Bird Island or Sunset Point, the place offers magnificent sunset views. Moreover, it is also a great spot for birdwatching. So, if you are an ornithologist or casually enjoy fascinating birds, you must visit this place.

Helicopter Tour

Helicopter Tour

There is no denying that Andaman is a gorgeous place. But in case you are wondering what it looks like from tens of hundreds of metres above ground, then you should opt for a helicopter tour. The three-hour South Andaman to North Andaman tour will provide you with umpteen opportunities to behold and admire the archipelago from above.

So, these are the top things to do in Andaman. Now that you know these, do not wait. Get on a cheap flight to Andaman, book cheap hotels and get going on an unforgettable trip.